Zolotas Australia

How Zolotas Australia Began!

There is a bridal collection that connects the past with the future. The “Hellenic Vintage Collection” is about heritage, originality and handmade craftsmanship. Using simple lines, hand knitted elements, bobbin laces, loom fabrics made of cotton and unique embroidery, gives the collection a unique vintage character. The vision is to bring out the charm of… Read more »

Broome Vintage Boho Wedding Editorial

       There’s something special about Broome. Maybe it’s the rare combination of vibrant red dirt, pristine white beach and the most turquoise blue of waters. Maybe it’s the subtropical air that greets you with a warm embrace as you step off the plane or maybe it’s just the feel you get, knowing something magical is… Read more »

REAL BRIDE: Anne-Marie & Cameron’s Denmark Wedding

  Can you believe this incredible intimate wedding was planned in only a short 6 weeks? Anne-Marie & Cameron said their vows in front of their friends and family in St. Paul’s Anglican Church located in Arthur River. Photographer: In the Wilds of Someplace    

REAL BRIDE: Carly & Nick in Bali

How did you two meet? Born only a month apart we were destined to be together. Our parents arranged for a joint baptism and from then on things never looked back…we started dating when we were 16 and have known each other all of our lives. How did Nick propose? After being together for 10… Read more »

Tranquil Still & Timeless

We spoke with Rebecca from Edie & Ivy Flowers and Sandy the photographer about their inspiration! What was your inspiration for the Salt lake photo shoot? Edie & Ivy Flowers: Our Inspiration was a raw and natural feel, to celebrate fierce femininity. We wanted to contrast the harsh elements and the pastel and soft tones… Read more »

Family Around the Table

Family Around the Table

A Hellenic wedding is full of traditions. Every corner, every place has its own manners and customs. In recent years it has become something of a trend for the young couples to return to their roots and traditions! During the reception, the best known symbolism is when the bride and groom drink champagne crossing their… Read more »

Look at the Bride Side

Look at the Bride Side

Hours before the ceremony, the bride is getting ready in her homehouse. All the women of importance in her life are present. Friends, sisters, aunts, cousins and of course, her mother are there in a joyful and moving atmosphere! They listen to wedding songs, or even sing to her! Prepared to the detail, the bride… Read more »

The Greek Glenti

The Greek glenti

“There is nothing like a Greek glenti” they say. Or maybe they don’t, but I tell you, there is nothing like a Greek glenti! For the Greeks, the reception is a great party! It usually lasts all night and the last guests leave after the sun comes up. The duration of a wedding reception tells… Read more »

Destination wedding ceremony

Destination wedding ceremony

This beautiful Greek custom can still be found in little villages. The people of the village walk the bride from her house to the location of her wedding ceremony! A Wedding Procession is formed, symbolic of the bride leaving her family and home and starting a new one. It is a path to an extraordinary… Read more »