Family Around the Table

Family Around the Table

A Hellenic wedding is full of traditions. Every corner, every place has its own manners and customs. In recent years it has become something of a trend for the young couples to return to their roots and traditions!

During the reception, the best known symbolism is when the bride and groom drink champagne crossing their hands, which is a symbolism of the bond between the couple, of all the moments of married life they will share.

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At the reception, the newlyweds and their family sit in a long table. Its decoration stands out. Apart from the flowers, on the table you can find sugar almond dragées, different nuts, fruit or even pies, symbols of wealth and fertility. The dessert usually comes from the place of origin of the newlyweds!

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During the reception, the family raises their glasses to the bride and groom, making toasts and wishing them for their new beginning.
Every place and every corner has a story, part of a big heritage, that you can discover.