REAL BRIDE: Alexis and Josh

How did you two meet?

We first officially met in person on Melbourne’s White Night City Festival. Josh was over from WA visiting with his friends. I had suggested that we meet in the city at Flinders street station in front of the steps. The city was packed with thousands of people for the festival so Josh and I phoned each other trying to see if we were able to guide each other we were standing amongst the thousands. It was so packed that I told him “look I’m going to stand in front of the station in the middle of the road and you just come and find me I won’t move.” Soon after I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around to Josh we hugged for what felt like a lifetime and we felt as though we finally both home.

How did he propose to you?

We were in Melbourne visiting my family for a weekend and we all took Josh to Phillip Island to see the Penguin Parade. I had previously told Josh how Penguins search for the perfect pebble and they give it to their partner who they will then spend the rest of their life with. When we got to Phillip Island we were all walking along the beach and there happened to be black pebbles everywhere. I started to pick them up and I was turning to show Josh. He called me over to look at one he had found and then pulled out little box and proposed.

Where do you decide to get married and when?

We decided to get married in Melbourne on the beach at Brighton. Our reception was the Brighton Savoy located across from the beach.  We chose Feb 16th and that was the same night that White night was on and we actually didn’t even plan it like that.

What was the style of your wedding and the choice of colours and flowers?

The style of our wedding was very beachy and casual. A non-traditional wedding. But we wanted to really focus on why we were all there that day. To witness two souls coming together as one, two people who had found home in each other’s arms and who wanted to share with all their close family and friends just how important love was.

The two bouquets on the triangle arbor where actually made by myself and my sister. It meant the world to me to be able to be creative and spend that quality time doing making something so meaningful together.

I did not choose to have flowers myself, instead I used my Mothers Ivory white feather fan she had used for her wedding.

Tell us the decoration details you loved most! 

My arbor was made by my Husband my Brother in-law and my Father. My flowers were made by my sister and I. We also made the signs that were at the entrance of our wedding and hand painted the wording too. These details were so special to me because my family helped bring my vision to life.

Which was the best decision that you made regarding the wedding preparations and which was the worst one?

The best decision we made was having a small wedding with just our closest friends and family. There was absolutely no bad decision made. We chose everything that would make us happy, we had nothing but positive people and energy around us the whole entire time from the start of planning to the day of the wedding.

What was the song of your first dance, and entrance?

Our song “Don’t Leave” by Snakehips was the song we were introduced into the room with.

When you think of your wedding, which is the moment you will never forget?

Reading our vows to each other in front of our family and friends. They were so meaningful and heartfelt and it was the best moments of my life.

Tell us about your wedding dress! What was it that made you choose it?

I chose Zolotas because of the unique designs and the beautiful material. When I first started looking I was sure I wanted a two piece dress because that was my style. When I went to see Sophie in Perth I tried on all the ones I thought were the one, until she pulled out one that completely different to what I had been visioning. White, long lace sleeves and a V style front. When I put this dress on it was a perfect fit and I felt like a true bride. I knew that this one the one. Something else that made me sure that it was the one was that it reminded me a lot of my mother’s wedding dress, just a more modern design. So it was perfect in every way.

How would you describe your Zolotas experience?

Absolutely incredible. From meeting Sophie at the bridal expo she was so kind and passionate about the brand. My Husband had actually organised my fitting with Sophie as a surprise and the whole experience was just effortless and smooth.

The Wedding Dream Team!

Photographer: Julian Lallo  | Groom’s Attire: Industrie Clothing | Bridal Shoes: Novo Shoes

Bride’s Gown: Cybele purchased from Zolotas Australia | Groom’s Shoes: Windsor Smith

Reception Venue: The Brighton Savoy | Invites: Vista Print

Wedding Cake: The Honey Cake | Wedding Rings: Angus & Coote

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