The Greek Glenti

The Greek glenti

“There is nothing like a Greek glenti” they say. Or maybe they don’t, but I tell you, there is nothing like a Greek glenti!
For the Greeks, the reception is a great party! It usually lasts all night and the last guests leave after the sun comes up. The duration of a wedding reception tells a lot about its success!
And this festivity includes great food, long drinks, lot of dancing and even live music played by an entire orchestra!

groom_designers_perth unique_wedding_dresses wedding_perth australian_vintage_bride gentlemen_experts greek_wedding
The groom and bride enjoy themselves at their wedding party! Dancing is constant and the bride has fun in her wedding dress!
That is why our bohemian wedding dresses express movement, and the follow the dynamic of the body in the most flattering and etherial way.

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Occasional customs include plate breaking or flower throwing in the dancefloor, clapping in the rhythm of the music and fireworks!

A Greek Glenti is something you don’t forget!