Zolotas Australia

How Zolotas Australia Began!

There is a bridal collection that connects the past with the future. The “Hellenic Vintage Collection” is about heritage, originality and handmade craftsmanship. Using simple lines, hand knitted elements, bobbin laces, loom fabrics made of cotton and unique embroidery, gives the collection a unique vintage character. The vision is to bring out the charm of the past, for the ultimate bohemian sophistication. Since 1972, Atelier Zolotas creates haute-couture wedding gowns that have a story to tell.

The Zolotas Australia story began when Sophie and her partner, Ryan, travelled to Greece for her cousin’s wedding. Sophie uploaded a photo of the bride and groom and received lots of messages complimenting the bride’s gown.

Determined, Sophie went looking for the designer as this was a type of dress Australia had never seen before! As soon as Sophie found and met the designer VG Zolotas, she knew that this was a bridal collection the Australian brides had been longing for.

So she asked him the big question:
Have you ever thought about expanding to Australia?
Within 3 weeks Sophie launched a wedding boutique for brides in Perth! This was a dream come true for Sophie, as it is more than just a job, it is her heritage – Sophie got to bring the wedding tradition of her homeland into Australia.

The “Hellenic Vintage Collection” with its unique vintage character has already stolen the hearts of hundreds of brides around the world!

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